The Choice of a new Genderation

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Pepsi are back in the game!

After years in the cola wilderness, losing out to bitter rivals (and Monsanto bed mates), Coca-Cola. Pepsi have put together a TV commercial that will wrestle the carbonated, sugary, death-drink crown back in the more than century long rivalry.

As you can see in the above commercial, the bold Kylie Jenner is doing a photo shoot for some trans-mag, outside of a music festival.

Kylie then gets bored and decides to pop into the festival to have a look who’s playing, and motions to remove her wig…it looks as if Bruce is going to make a cameo, but no, she’s just bored of blonde and decides to go brunette into the crowd. Maybe it’s an attempt at going incognito.

The crowd seems to recognise Kylie nonetheless and let’s her advance to the front, so she can get in through the gates first. Everyone seems to be in high spirits, looking forward to the merriment that presumably lies beyond the manned fencing.

In front of said fencing stand some moody looking authority figures. They look absolutely parched.

Whilst en route through the large crowd, Kylie had been handed a can of Pepsi. In a selfless act of bravery, possibly more brave than the time she won an Olympic gold medal as a man, and then became a woman, she walks straight up to the man who looks the most thirsty (and as a result, grumpy), and hands him her Pepsi.

The bouncer then takes a sip, and everyone in the crowd starts dancing, even though there isn’t even a band on yet. This was a risky move. The bouncer could have been carrying a can of Dr Pepper spray.

What a heart warming show of kindness towards a stranger. 

For good reason, everybody seemed to love the advert. So many people loved it so much, that it even made the national news in the UK.

I’m assuming that it also must have made national news in other countries if it was so good. This meant that the advert didn’t actually need airing in the end, as it had already done its job. 

Well done Pepsi, I’ll definitely choose your cola from the fridges of corner shops in the future. All the sugar tax in the world can’t deter brave people from being kind to those in need.


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